Training with Passion!

The woods are nice!
Trying to swim in cold water

Project Turned Into A Passion…

Stay up to date with my success and failures as I attempt to transform my body and self into a triathlete.

I have been challenging myself for years but just started training for a 70.3 and writing about it.

As a somewhat in shape old guy pushing 60, I decided that I was not dead yet nor was my life over. So, I began to think about what a reasonable challenge would be for myself to prove the prior sentence true.

The purpose of this site is two fold: First it is designed to be an information resource for triathletes wanting to achieve their goal, whatever that may be; and Second it is intended to create a community of triathletes and wanna be triathletes.

My Recent Training Numbers

Below is my recent training activities according to Strava.


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